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1. You Sand Business owners

That they will be able to advertise their business in Dovof

2. Adding a new business

Business owners choose a paid list / promotion package

3. You Get Commission

You get up to 35% commission for paid list packages or paid promotion

How can you get money from many sources of income?

Our amazing affiliate program at dovof that you can get from a number of high income sources.

Let's start from the beginning?

The dovof site is an intermediary between sellers and online shoppers + business owners add their business easily.

How can you make money?

There are several sources of income.
1. Packages for list
2. Promoting lists
3. Buying traffic ADS on the Dovof (Locked – Opens soon)
4. Opening stores (Locked – Opens soon)

5. Selling products from the stores (Locked – Opens soon)
There will also be more really cool stuff later

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Real time stats

See a map of where the visitors you send come from via your unique link

Works worldwide

We operate all over the world. That means you are never limited

Sell products easily

Business owners open stores on the site and you get a commission for each store opened + for selling the products

The hottest products of all time

Sell the best products on the net, with the dovof

High commission

Get up to 35% off all products on the site. It's crazy to have it all together

Many sources of income

Start selling network traffic easily, this is one of the most needed products, everyone wants advertising. And products ..

You don't have to build anything

Everything is ready for you. Just share your unique link, and start generating traffic, and getting high commissions

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